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Welcome to Your Ad Coop, On this website you can link & dash for free or pay for a lifetime Premium slot for just $10.

Premium slots are rotated throughout the site and can not be bumped off the wall. Premium slots Will Rotate forever. Buy a premium slot for a low one-time fee...

Premium slots can be changed 3x times Maximum Per $10 Lifetime Purchase via contacting Support & Creating A Ticket I can normally have your banner changed within 24/48hrs max. After the 3 times You will need to purchase another lifetime banner, if you would like to make further adjustments. Long and short is these are lifetime Premium Slots (thats well over 10 years) , so please make sure your ads are lifetime ads.

Free slots / Free Members: 20 links show at any given time on the Your Ad Coop Welcome Wall. Once the 21st person ads a link the 1st is bumped off the Your Ad Coop Welcome Wall. You Need To Return daily to add your links back onto the YAC Wall. No Registration is required!

Side Note: I'm very aware the site is simple and basic, and to be truthful the design looks a little dated. This is all done for a reason and works to draw attention more on the text ad plugs than the site. I'm always tweaking stuff and honestly this site is a labour of love and somewhat a passion project. I really hope you enjoy and get lots of use out of YAC.

Geek Notes: The Plugboard V2.1 (Text Edition) script we run, started it's life back in early 1998/2000 ish and i have since brought the code up to date to PHP8 compatiable, with this i have also recoded everything and while doing this i moved away from the banner ad style IE: Fairdinkum Ads and opted for the more traditional text ad. This was no easy task well in fact none of it was but hey it's working :)

The Plugboard V2.1 (Text Edition) script is flatfile so its blazing fast and uses next to zero hosting resources even under huge traffic spikes. Half the reason i love this script so much, Is this fact "FlatFile" lightweight!. .

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How It Works?

Free Slots: 20 links show at any given time when the 21st person adds a link the 1st person on the list is bumped off.

You will need to return often to post your link for free again.

(While there is no limit to the ad text length excesive spammy looking ads will be removed and your IP banned.)

No Registration Is Required To Use Your Ad Coop Enjoy & Run!

If you want to stand out you could consider purchasing a Prem Slot
For $10 For Life (Limited Time)

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